Thursday, 17 June 2010

The cane and a skateboard

Despite being an Englishman, the cane is not really a favourite implement of mine. It is something which I associate more with the clinical discipline of the Headmaster's study rather than the intimate, domestic discipline which goes on behind closed doors. Generally I prefer a young lady to be bottom upwards, over my knee to correct whatever misbehaviour has been occurred. 

In this case I believe I see a thin cane resting against the door - ready to be used later. But the rest of the scene looks delightfully natural, domestic and un-posed. Her skirt is tucked up at the back to reveal some delightfully child-like knickers and a skate board leans abandoned against the wall to one side. I get the impression that this is genuine discipline being carried out in someone's home.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Wait there young lady

Stripped completely naked, this slim young lady waits anxiously for her punishment to begin. She has a lovely bottom with faint tan lines drawing attention to the area shich is shortly going to turned a deep glowing red.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A classic cornertime image

I believe I first saw this image several years ago on a site called 'Dr Schertel'. That site is now sadly defunct but if anyone knows anything of the pictures that were posted there I would like to know more. I believe there is an Eastern European connection - possibly of Czech origins

A picture which says it all

This is an appropriate picture with which to start my blog - an adult 'little girl' nursing a well-spanked bottom. It is a domestic scene implying that she has been disciplined by an 'Uncle' or 'Daddy' rather than a teacher. I wonder what she did wrong? Did she answer back? Was she disobedient?